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The Hawk and the Dove: World War II at Okinawa and Korea

by Roland Glenn

the hawk and the  doveThis is a wrenching first person account of the invasion of Okinawa and the repatriation of the Japanese from Korea. Roland Glenn fought in hand-to-hand combat in Okinawa, an experience he recounts in graphic detail. Glenn's battle experiences have haunted him throughout his life. The consequences on his civilian life find resonance with returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan who will require medical and psychological care for the remainder of their lives. This book is a development of the dramatic presentation that he performs as part of the Veterans History Project, a program based at the Library of Congress that captures the experiences of veterans of all wars.

"The Hawk and the Dove is the reality most soldiers don't want to talk about when they come home. That is why this is such a special and important book." Digby Diehl, former book editor of The Los Angeles Times, is the author of more than twenty books, including the recently published Soapsuds.

“By turns humorous and tragic, Roland Glenn’s richly detailed and compellingly written memoir of war and peace vividly recreates a small-town youth’s transformation into a man and leader of men on the horrific killing fields of Okinawa. His fascinating account of involvement in the repatriation of thousands of Japanese soldiers from Korea sheds light on a significant but little-known chapter in postwar U.S. military history.” Paul Siff, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Sacred Heart University

ISBN 0-9786899-5-X, $24.00

224 pages, 6 x 9, softcover, April 2008