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Green Oasis in Brooklyn: The Evergreens Cemetery 1849-2008

text by John Rousmaniere, photography by Ken Druse

Green Oasis in BrooklynNoted historian John Rousmaniere traces the history of the Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. Beginning with the land itself before the cemetery was founded in 1850, his engaging text tells how the forces that shaped the history of New York—population growth, immigration and increasing wealth—also shaped the Evergreens. He also describes the beautiful monuments and fascinating characters that are buried there. Ken Druse’s stunning color photographs demonstrate the beauty of the site and the monuments.

“By writing this fine and fascinating book, John Rousmaniere has made a great contribution to telling the stories of cemeteries, Brooklyn, and New York. Ken Druse’s spectacular photographs show off the Evergreens Cemetery in all its glory. For anyone who loves cemeteries and/or history, this book is a must.” —Jeffrey I. Richman, author of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery: New York’s Buried Treasure

“Move over, Green-Wood! Finally, a well-researched and beautifully illustrated book on the Evergreens, Brooklyn’s other great rural cemetery. John Rousmaniere has done a fine job in revealing the history of this significant cultural landscape, which has just been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.” —Robert B. MacKay, Ph.D., Director, Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities, Cold Spring Harbor, New York

ISBN: 0-9786899-4-1 978-0-9786899-4-0, $50.00

9 ¼ x 11 ¾, 240 pages, December 2008

80 color, 20 b & w illustrations, hardcover