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Flim-Flam Flora

Written by David and Elizabeth Darst
Illustrated by Nicole Alesi

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Flim-Flam FloraAll the imaginative ways a fun-loving child creates to delay going to bed!
When will Flora ever go to sleep?
Not until she’s done flim-flamming her parents!

“Flim-Flam Flora has us laughing out loud. My six year old daughter loves reading it aloud to her younger three year old brother....and they find great pleasure in pointing out how Flora "flim-flams" just like them! We have been reading it every night, and it just seems to get better and better each time. This is a must read for little kids. They absolutely love it”!

“Beautifully written,captivating for young kids. My kids loved this book so much that they flim-flammed all the way through just like Flora herself! David Darst and his daughter tell a sweet, relatable, special story - making it magical to read time and time again. Highly recommended!”

“A sweet story about how much fun it is to care for the babies of our life and all the antics bedtime causes! Beautiful artwork, so colorful and well stated. Even my puppies loved the story! Thank you David and Elizabeth for the love, energy and imagination you both instilled into the book!“

“I bought this book for my own 6 year old flim flammer and she and her 9 year old brothers love it. It is cute, clever, colorful, and they keep asking for me to read it again and again . They loved the illustrations which jump off the pages and really bring Flora to life. Adults will love it too! Looking forward to more stories about Flora . . . ”

“It's wonderful and colorful illustrations make you're child want to read it over and over again! This book is perfect for your flim-flamy, energetic, curious, humorous, and joyful little ones that can relate to Flora! Very highly recommended.”

“This book is AWESOME! David Darst is so multi-faceted from being a master of finance to writing children's books! I plan on reading this to my cousins who are 5 and 8. They will love the catchy plot and the beautiful illustrations!”