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Robert McCloskey

Smash Mouth: Recipes from the Road: A Rock 'n' Roll Cookbook

Smash Mouth invades the culinary world with a rock n' roll cookbook. "Recipes From The Road" is a unique fusion of over 230 delicious recipes from 130 restaurants, as well as hilarious real life road stories straight from "The Mouth", candid road photos, and guest recipes from pop icons such as Guy Fieri (Diners, Driveins and Dives), Sammy Hagar (Van Halen), Jerome Bettis (Pittsburgh Steelers), and Michael Symon (Iron Chef, The Chew), all displayed in a beautiful, eyepopping layout.

the  arrogant leader

The Union League Club: 1863-2013

Made exclusively for the Union League Club and its members, this book reveals the fascinating story of the Union League Club's first 150 years and the people who played vital roles in it. Contributions by members and staff combined with striking images of the Club's collections bring the account to life, and thus the distinguished Clubhouse has been immortalized.

Crossing Ethiopia

Crossing Ethiopia

“This striking volume retells the incredible odyssey photographer Snyder (Hill of Beans) and his companions undertook across Ethiopia in 1972. . . . Highlights here include Snyder’s portraits of Ethiopians young and old, and the vast open landscapes of this arid and hilly country. The book offers a vivid retelling of an obscure, but riveting moment in Ethiopian history as well as the story of a great adventure. “ –Publishers Weekly

Hill  of Beans

Hill of Beans

This memoir of growing up in the Old South during the Depression evokes a time gone by. And while it is a loving memoir, it is populated by real people dealing with hard times, sometimes with cruelty, sometimes with violence–including a mysterious case of arson that forever changed John Snyder’s life.

Voyager 3

Voyager 3: Fifty-Four Phases of Feeling

David Darst is renowned in the global financial community as an investment strategist and author of seven books and scores of articles in his field. But he is also a relentless explorer—of places, people, ideas, experiences sensory and emotional; a devotee of the arts and sciences; a polymath. With Voyager 3, he merges these personae in a passionate and poetic guide through literal and imaginative landscapes.

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Robert McCloskey

Robert McCloskey: A Private Life in Words
and Pictures

Robert McCloskey is one of the most beloved American children’s authors of all time. His eight books, including Make Way for Ducklings, One Morning in Maine, Time of Wonder and Burt Dow Deep-Water Man are 20th century icons, winning two Caldecott Medals and two Caldecott Honors for Books.

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