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Hill  of Beans

Hill of Beans

This memoir of growing up in the Old South during the Depression evokes a time gone by. And while it is a loving memoir, it is populated by real people dealing with hard times, sometimes with cruelty, sometimes with violence–including a mysterious case of arson that forever changed John Snyder’s life.

Shelter Island

Shelter Island Yacht Club 1886 – 2011

Founded in 1886 at the entrance to Dering Harbor – one of the finest deep-water small harbors on either coast of the American Continent – the Shelter Island Yacht Club became a favorite stopping-off point for grand steam and sailing yachts from New York and Brooklyn.

Cooking in the  Shaker Spirit

Cooking in the Shaker Spirit, Second Edition

Inspired by living and cooking at Canterbury Shaker Village in Canterbury, New Hampshire, Chef James Haller has created more than 150 simple, elegant recipes in the Shaker spirit of simple and authentic elegance. Along with co-author Jeffrey Paige they have created step-by-step recipes for what Haller calls “The oldest New American cooking.”

 Union Oyster House

Union Oyster House Cookbook: Recipes from America's Oldest Restaurant

Established in 1826, Boston's Union Oyster House is the country's oldest continuously operated restaurant. As well as recounting the 180-year history of the restaurant and its Boston environs, Union Oyster House Cookbook has more than 50 of the restaurant’s most famous recipes adapted for home use.

the good the bad and your business

The Good, The Bad, and Your Business: Choosing Right When Ethical Dilemmas Pull You Apart

Is it possible to be good and be good for business? New York Times syndicated columnist and professor Jeffrey Seglin shows that making responsible business decisions requires the ability to examine their impact from three important aspects: money, people and the common good.

The  Hawk and the D ove

The Hawk and the Dove: World War II at Okinawa and Korea

This is a wrenching first person account of the invasion of Okinawa and the repatriation of the Japanese from Korea. Roland Glenn fought in hand-to-hand combat in Okinawa, an experience he recounts in graphic detail.